Pennsylvania Advocacy

We Need Your Help! 
Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania Serving 66.000 Lupus Patients and their Families in 62 of the 67 counties in PA

To our Lupus Constituents: We are coordinating a local Advocacy campaign and we are asking you to:

Contact your State Senators and Representatives and urge them to keep funding for Lupus Patients through the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania in the 2015 -2016 State Budget.  At this time the LUPUS line item has been eliminated (zeroed out).

In the past, the Lupus Foundation has received State funding, making it possible to provide: •Professional - Patient and Family Information and Support ◦New Patient Orientation Programs ◦Comprehensive literature & Web and Newsletter Medical Updates ◦Educational Community programs and seminars ◦High School and College Education Presentations ◦Community/Telephone based support groups ◦Information and referral services

We are urging lupus patients, families and friends to write letters and/or make appointments with their respective legislators in their local district and/or Harrisburg state offices. This manner of presentation will allow more individuals to directly convey their message and concern of their personal issues surrounding lupus. Our

Legislators are telling us that they are not hearing from Lupus Patients and therefore do not feel the need to support us.
Please, write a letter, schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your lupus issues. Ask for their support in reinstating Lupus in the State Budget, to help continue the improved quality of health and life for Lupus Patients.

A complete listing of Legislator names along with their contact information can be found at

For your convenience, links to our PA Legislative Letter are below.

For additional information contact the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania at 1-800-800-5776 or

Members of the Pennsylvania Lupus Caucus

Senator John Blake
Senator James Brewster
Senator Pat Browne
Senator John Rafferty
Senator Michael J. Stack
Senator Wayne Fontana 

Representative Matthew E. Baker 
Representative Rosemary M. Brown
Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown
Representative Mike Carroll
epresentative Mark B. Cohen
Representative H. Scott Conklin
epresentative Paul Costa
Representative Dom Costa
epresentative Lynda Schlegel Culver
Representative Mary Jo Daley
Representative Tony DeLuca
Representative Maria P. Donatucci
Representative Jaret Gibbons
Representative Robert Godshall
Representative R. Ted Harhai
Representative Nick Kotik
Representative Mark Longietti
Representative Sandra Major
Representative Ronald S Marsico
Representative Tom Murt
Representative Brandon P. Neuman
Representative Cherelle L. Parker
Representative John D. Payne
Representative Harry Readshaw
Representative John P. Sabatina
Representative Will Tallman
Representative Ronald D. Waters