• Saturday, September 9, 2012 dawned gray and wet, but Tammy Gray and her team of 40 friends and family members headed down the highway toward Pittsburgh with enthusiasm. A month earlier, Tammy had received a copy of Pennsylvania Lupus’ Lupus News and saw the notice for the annual Lupus Loop Run/Walk. Diagnosed with lupus in 2006, she was receiving treatment at UPMC’s Lupus Center for Excellence but never had any contact with the Lupus Foundation. “I don’t know why I got the newsletter, but as soon as I read about the event, I knew I wanted to do it.” She told her sister, who posted it on Facebook, and within a week, the team was growing. Her daughter Barbara designed and created a signature T-shirt. Tammy recalls, “I’d look at the team list and see people I didn’t even know! Even friends of my friends were thrilled to be involved.” Despite the gloomy weather, Tammy came home that day with sunshine in her heart. “It was so good to speak with other people who have lupus,” she says. “I had a ball! We were the last people to leave.”

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