Education & Outreach

The Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania is committed to providing education and outreach to inform and empower our communities.  Lupus affects not only individual patients but their families, friends, communities and society at large.  Without proper education, support and treatments, lupus patients may be at risk for job losses, exorbitant health care costs, repeated hospitalizations, disrupted social interactions and family issues.

If we are to be effective at truly helping the many people touched by lupus in Pennsylvania, we need to REACH OUT – to patients, to families, to health care providers, to insurers, to employers and to the general public. 

We need to educate the community for many reasons:

  • To encourage people with symptoms to get screened; people who are diagnosed early in the disease process have much better outcomes. 
  • End the stigma associated with having a chronic illness.
  • Encourage more funding for research that could extend to the other 8+ autoimmune diseases now known.

Our model of service includes best practices, the use of media tools, and constantly explores better ways to reach those affected by lupus.

Contact the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania at 412-261-5886 or 1-800-800-5776 to invite us to attend your health fair or to speak to your group.  We want everyone to know how to identify the signs and symptoms of lupus.  Until there is a cure we are committed to educate as many people as we can reach across the state of Pennsylvania.